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Cart Page Styles Fixed

We recently noticed that the Cart page styles were poor for customers with screen widths between 768 px and 1000 px. For those customers, products added to the cart had some text elements overlapping the right side menu.

(The cart was fully functional, but it made for a bad user experience.)

Therefore, the right side menu has been removed from the Cart page, and the cart width increased to 100% of the screen width.

One other benefit of this is that the product description in the cart is much more readable with its column width increased.

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A Happy Customer of

Over at, Dr. Helen Smith posted this review one of our customers emailed to her:

I purchased some large size coffee mugs from for the ladies in my Bible study group. …What a joy to receive these high quality mugs, with the Greek we are studying on one side and our favorite verses on the other! I was impressed that we could choose whatever New Testament Verse we wanted, rather than the “greatest hits” typically found on Christian items. The company communicated during the entire creation and shipping process, delivered on time in a well packaged shipping box. I highly endorse this company, and was very pleased to have found them through Instapundit.

Since our printing company can sometimes take over a week to print our products, we like to let customers know when their print files have been completed and that the fulfillment process started. Because we know that it can be frustrating for customers when they’re kept in the dark.

As for shipping, there were admittedly times when it was extremely slow during the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year (and even into early February of this year).

But over the past two months, shipping seems to be quite prompt.