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New Twitter Account

Set up a Twitter account for the site on July 27th. The account can be followed at

First tweets published on the 29th. Set up styles for the “Follow us” social media button in the site’s footer (to view the clickable Twitter icon, scroll down to the bottom of this page).

Realized that product tweets don’t work well without Twitter cards set up. (ie: Without Twitter cards, a product’s title, description and image are not automatically generated when the product’s URL is Tweeted or shared. If added manually to the Tweet, these cannot be clicked to send the viewer to the website’s product page – only the product’s URL is clickable.)

Looked at a plugin to set up summary cards with large images on July 30th. The free version of one plugin didn’t do that, but fortunately the SEO plugin already activated on the site did do so. After some tinkering with the plugin settings as well as settings on the product level, Twitter cards seem to be working correctly.

(ie: By simply copying and pasting a product URL into the Twitter editor, Twitter automatically displays the product title, description, and image. All of which, when clicked, sends the viewer to the desired product page.)

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