Payment Options

* All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

All credit card payments are made via Stripe.

  1. On your product page, fill in all your product options and click the navy ADD TO CART button
  2. From the CART page, check over the details of your purchase. You may continue shopping by clicking the green CONTINUE SHOPPING button.
  3. On the CART page, you may find your shipping costs & tax by clicking the blue CALCULATE SHIPPING link in the CART TOTALS section, filling in your general location, and clicking the navy UPDATE button. (Since this will also be determined on the CHECKOUT page, this step is optional.)
  4. Click the green PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
  5. Fill out your Billing Details on the CHECKOUT page.
  6. If your Shipping Address differs from your Billing Address, then click the checkbox to the right of SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS? and add your Shipping Address.
  7. Verify that your order details are correct, then fill in your credit card information in the fields shaded yellow.
  8. Click the green PLACE ORDER button at the bottom of the page.


Your order from will appear on your credit card statement as Biblical Greek TShirts.