Sizing for Clothing

All clothing at Biblical Greek T-Shirts is made-to-order and cannot be re-sold by us

Remember: Regardless of whether you order the wrong size or the right, the printer still has to be paid. Furthermore, if you order the wrong size, the shipper also has to be paid to ship the wrong-sized item. And unfortunately, we are not a large department store where all items are mass-produced and clothing can be returned and restocked on the shelves for later resale.

(Why? Well, given that there are almost 8,000 verses in the New Testament, the likelihood is vanishingly small that anyone else will ever buy your particular-sized shirt printed with your favorite verse.)

Therefore, customers should be absolutely certain of the size they need before ordering.

Taking Your Measurements

Find one of your t-shirts that you know is the correct size, then take its length (A) and width (B) measurements as shown in the diagram below:

T-shirt length and width measurement

With these numbers in hand, please consult the size charts on this page before placing your order. To compensate for possible future shrinkage, it might also be a good idea to select one size larger.

(Of course, this is trickier if the shirt is intended as a gift. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you provide us with the correct size for the recipient).

Finally, a note to our male customers: women’s shirts of any given size are shorter in length than men’s. For example, a Women’s Size Large shirt is 3 ¼ inches shorter than a Men’s Size Large. So, if you’re buying a shirt as a gift for woman, please don’t use men’s sizes as the basis for your purchase!

Men’s T-Shirt Size Chart

XS 27 16 ½
S 28 18
M 29 20
L 30 22
XL 31 24
2XL 32 26
3XL 33 28
4XL 34 30

Women’s Relaxed-Fit T-Shirt Size Chart

SIZE Length
(US 2)
(EU 32)
25 ¼ 18 ½
(US 6)
(EU 36)
26 20
(US 10)
(EU 40)
26 ¾ 22
(US 14)
(EU 44)
27 ½ 24
(US 18)
(EU 48)
28 ¼ 26

Children’s T-Shirt Size Guide

Size Length
S 20
15 ¼
M 22
16 ¼
L 23
17 ¼
XL 24
18 ¼