Terms & Conditions


Because our products are individualized, no refunds are possible after they have been made-to-order.

There is however, a very narrow time window between order placement and before an item is actually printed during which refunds are still possible:

24-Hour Refunds

Customers can only receive refunds provided that they contact Biblical Greek T-Shirts within 24 hours of placing their orders.

Replacement Policies

Misprinted / Damaged / Defective Items

Claims for these items must be made within 4 weeks of receiving the product. Quality Control failures on the part of the printer will be replaced at our expense.

Items Lost In The Mail

Claims for these items must be made within 4 weeks of the estimated delivery date. Lost items will be replaced at our expense.


Before returning any item, please email us via our Contact page. Note that it is not possible for customers to receive size exchanges or to receive refunds for buyer’s remorse.

Items returned due to incorrect address

Please verify that your shipping address on the PayPal payment page is correct.

If you provide us with a wrong shipping address, your shipment may be returned to the printers. In such cases, we will attempt to contact you via email for your correct address. However, you will be responsible for reshipment costs.

Items returned due to being unclaimed

Please do not place your order prior to taking a long out-of-town vacation.

Items which are delivered correctly but not claimed by the customer may be returned to the printers. Here too, we will attempt to inform you of the situation via email. When this happens, you will be liable for all reshipment costs.