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The New Testament was first written in Biblical Greek (a variety of Koine Greek). If you have a favorite Bible quote you’d like on a t-shirt, we can print it…in the language it was initially written in.

Our shirts are made from combed and ring-spun cotton, ensuring they are soft and durable.

T-shirt with Biblical Greek verse (John 14:6)

Why Was The New Testament Written In Biblical Greek?

During the Classical era, Greece was divided into areas speaking five different dialects of Ancient Greek (ie: Arcado-Cyprian, Aeolic, Attic-Ionic, Doric, and North-Western).

Map Of Ancient Greece According To Dialect

Map of Ancient Greece showing predominant dialects (Arcado-Cyprian, Aeolic, Attic-Ionic, Doric, North-Western)
Ostler, Nicholas (2006), Empires Of The Word: A Language History Of The World, Harper Perennial, p 237.

However, with the conquests of Alexander the Great, political centralization and trade homogenized these local versions of the language into Koine (“Common”) Greek.

Extent of Koine in the Greek-Inhabited World of Alexander the Great

Map showing the extent of Koine Greek in Europe, Asia and Africa
Ostler, Nicholas (2006), Empires Of The Word: A Language History Of The World, Harper Perennial, p 244.

Once the Middle East fell under Greek control, the inhabitants began using Koine Greek as a common language (lingua franca) alongside Aramaic. This form of Greek continued to be widely-used in the region even after the Roman conquest (as well as within Rome herself), which is why Biblical Greek was the preferred language for writing the New Testament and disseminating the gospels.

UPDATE: We also now have bilingual shirts with the original Biblical Greek on the front of the t-shirt, and an English translation on the back.

UPDATE #2: We’ve since added coffee mugs, wall canvases, cell phone cases and laptop sleeves to our product line.

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